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Bogmon - A Scream in the Void

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A blend of synthetic treasures and crunched out beats with beautiful ambiences and subtle melodies is all anyone needs. Really. And here we have it in droves. Compositions with space to drift off but a beat to nod your head or shuffle your feet to. Bogmon brings to the table all the little things that make music like this memorable and  special. He even manages to squeeze a guitar in a track or two. Not that you'd notice it sneaking in. "A Scream in the Void" is something else. What? who cares. You decide. Just listen and enjoy the subtle moments matched by just the right amount of aggressiveness and bite. 

1 - Grey Dream 

2 - Demons May Trail 

3 - Down From the Shimmering Sky 

4 - Subwreck 

5 - Serpent and Rainbow 

6 - Cloudscaping 

7 - FreeFloat


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Mastered at Panic Studios

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