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Bogmon Remixed - Echoes in the Void

'Echoes in the Void' - Some time ago Bogmon casually discussed with friends the idea of doing remixes of some songs from his "A Scream in the Void" release. Once the remixers were on board it became quite obvious this should be a release on Buried In Time. So, two years later here we are with remixes and reinterpretations of 7 songs long labored over. Booming, deep, heady, dark, groovy, booty shaking, submerged and smeared… this release cuts a wide path and is friendly to any listening environment. As usual we'll let the music speak for itself. But first here's a word from Chad Bogmon.

"This collection of tracks is of great significance as I have finally been able to collaborate with some of my favorite Portland producers who also happen to be close personal friends. The fact that all involved accepted the task wholeheartedly and made such great effort to craft something unique and of high quality leaves me feeling humbled and grateful. So, thank you to all involved.  Special thanks to Steve for giving us the vehicle for this release and being on board from the get go. Also, extra thanks to Kris Northern for pulling double duty on both the musical and visual remix. It's a very diverse selection of styles. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this as much as I do. We are all happy to finally release this to the world. Cheers."  - Chad Bogmon

1 - Demons May Trail (Databrokers Remix)

2 - Serpent and Rainbow (Scifisol Remix)

3 - Into A Glistening Bog (Gasp Remix)

4 - Demons May Trail (Squiddhartha Remix)

5 - Circumhorizontal Ark, void reprise (Bogmon)

6 - Subwreck (Senor Frio Remix)

7 - Grey Dream (Ignatius Rag Remedy Remix)

8 - Grey Dream (Ignatius Day Merger Remix) hidden track


**Artwork/design by Kris Northern and Deon Staffelbach

Special thanks to Deon Staffelbach for generously sharing his design concept from "A Scream in the Void" and all his files with Kris Northern. This allowed us to realize a fully remixed design to suit the release.

Mastered at Panic Studios

©Buried In Time

© buried in time  2006-forever