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Exeisms - Problem Locket 

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Exeisms is the collaborative effort of Müd and Ignatius (Jason Ploekelman and Steve Westbrook). The 6 tracks that make up "Problem Locket" are the result of several months of massive data swapping.. meaning the artists concerned were never actually in the same room for the making of the album which is full of twisted beats, lush soundscapes and detailed sound design that reveals subtle melodies and disintegrating ambiences. We expect this collaboration to evolve and yield more interesting creations.   Just have a listen to the tracks in full on Bandcamp. 

1 - interference rig 

2 - reactr lk 

3 - refiner 

4 - unone  

5 - gin sui  

6 - aphid rosy 


Mastered at Panic Studios

©Buried In Time

© buried in time  2006-forever