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Gasp - If Only the Cold Morning Was Warm as Us by Night

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For the past several years Brian McCauley, AKA Gasp, has left his mark on the minds of many with his ever evolving solo and collaborative live performances. His self released full length ,'Ocule', was snatched up, traded and shared, setting the stage for his follow up 'If Only the Cold Morning was Warm as Us by Night', his debut with Buried In Time. With 'If Only...' McCauley has extracted only the necessities from the frequency range boiling down his arrangements to their essence leaving the listener with a lush melodic playing field to lay his beats into. He masterfully blends creative sound design and synthesis with clever drum and percussion programing and a cello/trumpet contribution from a friend or two. Best experienced from start to finish 'If Only...' will draw in the listener to a comfortable place they can explore. At times playful, dark, ambient, subtle and at others showing rough edges with whip crack beats sure to get heads nodding... this album is the sound track to your everything and a breath of fresh air in the increasingly cluttered world of electronic music.  

1  Mossadeg's Ghost 

2 Saddasa Silvia Sings 

3 Green Scare Dub 

4 Burn the Hghways 

5 Porter Goss 

6 Policing the Aberrations 

7 The First Time I Fell Asleep at the Wheel

8 See Thee More Clear 

9 An Assembly Optimization and Fix 

10 None That I Knew Will Be

Mastered at Audible Oddities 

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© buried in time  2006-forever