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Ignatius - Alexithymia EP

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'Alexithymia EP' - And so it continues. Four new Ignatius tracks that came out of soupy angular software hardware digital analog jam sessions where synths swirl and dive around beats that try to poke their way out of a mixture. A bit of a change of direction for Ignatius, however unconscious it may be, seems to have occurred here. A hip hop plod takes over from time to time that morphs into a diffuse scatter of sounds. Tune in and listen deep.

Also here we have 3 remixes from Ignatius' 'The 2EPs LP' by Gasp, Bogmon and Proqxis.  Dense, minimal, melodic, edgy, dark, beautiful these remixers out do themselves with solid transformations of Ignatius' work. 

The design/artwork is by Deon Staffelbach who created the concept and executed it wonderfully.  Here is a link to more info about the artwork. You can also check our youtube channel for a video with various pictures of the process.

1 - Boneknot

2 - Faalto

3 - Spillage

4 - Cataplexy

5 - Derp - Gasp remix

6 - Tachyphlaxis - Bogmon remix

7 - Amanitas - Proqxis remix


Artwork/design by Deon Staffelbach

Mastered at Panic Studios

©Buried In Time

© buried in time  2006-forever