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Ignatius - Gossamer reissue

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'Gossamer', originally released in 2004 on the now defunct 'Rocket Racer' label (RIP), has been remastered and re-released for download only by Buried In Time. This release includes 2 new tracks not a part of the original release. 

Rocket Racer:

"With many dark textured shadows to hide in, subtle melodies wrap themselves around rolled out beats that seem to fold in on themselves and reappear with thunderous energy and grace. Ignatius has a gift for molding sheets of expansive terrain well worth discovering. This collection features a bonus remix by labelmate Galena. Perfectly complimenting its musical content, Gossamer's artwork was delicately produced by Brazilian design house A-Linha. All presented in an efficient cd ejector case & limited to just 1000 copies worldwide."

Ken Hollings, The Wire, July 2005

Operating under the saintly name of Ignatius, Steve Westbrook knows how to break a drum machine's back on the holy wheel of experimental dance beats. His rhythms echo the paradoxical busyness of early industrial workouts such as Cabaret Voltaire's "Sluggin' for jesus" or "Throbbing Gristle's "Ice Cool Down". The same restless sense that nothing else is really going on out there applies here. Consequently, Westbrook likes to start with a moment of uneasy stillness and build from there. "Ambition" stretches lazily then heaves itself into action, pitching tight loops and random intrusions against each other, whle "Death Truck"  twists Acid rhythms and compacted funk basslines around each other - a complex arrangement that labelmate Galena unpacks on the ghostly remix that closes the album.

1 - ambition 

2 - plunk 

3 - toh 

4 - death truck 

5 - hesitation

6 - wanderlust 

7 - karamaku 

8 - death truck (galena remix) 

9 - Objaydarts

10 - flarilu

Mastered at Panic Studios

Artwork by Clarissa Tossin

© buried in time  2006-forever