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Ignatius _ Halocline EP

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Ignatius, follows up his 2004 release, Gossamer (Rocket Racer) with a collection of 4 new tracks and 4 additional remixes (by various artists) contained in the Halocline EP.  In many ways Halocline is a continuation of Gossamer with its dark and twisted evolving beats and subtle processed melodies and bass lines.  In other ways Halocline is maybe a step sideways with some slower tempos and more structured arrangements. 

1 Trappings (Highdropod Remix) - Ignatius Remixed

2 Lightsaberpolitics - Ignatius 

3 Exformation - Ignatius 

4 Hylnur - Ignatius 

5 Gridpit (BOT23's Piggrits remix) - Ignatius Remixed 

6 Hylnur (Adcbicycle remix) - Ignatius Remixed 

7 Badtripmomentum - Ignatius 

8 Galena vs Ignatius - Ignatius vs Galena 

Mastered at Audible Oddities 

Artwork by Blackmoth.org

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