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Ignatius - The 2EPs LP

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As you may have guessed by the name.. the 2EPs LP was intended to be 2 releases but at some point it made more sense to pair them up. These tracks were written over the past couple years with various working methods. From full on real time jams to carefully considered heavily edited and programmed structures. Somehow it all makes sense together. At times this 4th full length Ignatius release borders on industrial pounding and digital mayhem and at others it's beatless and simple melodic ambient electronics.  In short it's more of what you expect from an Ignatius release: shattered beats wrapped in dark moody synths and digital splinters that all shake hands and lay out a trajectory and progression that winds itself up just as you begin to get comfortable with it...  or something like that.  Just have a listen to the tracks in full on Bandcamp. 

1 - boxfly 

2 - derp 

3 - nrd48 

4 - rekalcface 

5 - tachyphylaxis  

6 - everyday arts 

7 - XD5+ 

8 - amanitas 

9 - n3rd


Mastered at Panic Studios

©Buried In Time

© buried in time  2006-forever