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Müd-Designer Merkin EP

Müd - Designer Merkin 

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"Designer Merkin", Müd follow up to the crunchy ethereal "Yavonemu EP", is full of dark deep and often uncompromising electronic compositions. We love it but we're weird.  You can expect to be pulled around through dubbed out spacey tehcno jams and synthetic machine deconstruction and lulled into the carpet or ceiling or walls with subtle and not subtle rhythmic devices and shifting drifting melodies and ambiences. From accessible to twisted hard beats and what some people might just call cerebral or IDM or experimental songs.. but you can judge for yourself. Full tracks on preview at Bandcamp.   Don't be scared… we're sure this will find a nice home in your listening library.

1 - A Smoke Break With Captain Spankowitz 

2 - Plasmosis 

3 - Maggots 

4 - K Street Blues  

5 - Liquid Logarithm 

6 - Trappings III (merkin remix) 

7 - The Flux 

8 - Liquid Logarithm (Merkin Mix) 

9 - Trampling Robo Death Squad 

10 - Psi Beam


Mastered at Panic Studios

©Buried In Time 

© buried in time  2006-forever