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Müd - Yavonemu

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Müd, aka Jason Ploeckelman, has been making music of one kind or another for as long as he can remember. Different aliases come and go but the one that's here to stay is Müd.  The tracks on offer here vary from dubby soundscapes and crunchy beats to determined deep and groove ladened techno. All of it somehow tonally making complete sense and sustaining itself to the very end.  Each track fits into a cohesive psychedelic pie that represents only a taste of what is stowed away on his hard drive. If you like your electronic music to careen off the well beaten path now and then but still some how keep it in sight then feast your ears on the tracks listed below and stay tuned for a follow up full length. 

1 - snorkeling in toxic waste 

2 - pus rachet 

3 - harbor crawler 

4 - trappings (ignatius) - müd remix

5 - a case of the post-yavonemu color displays

6 - memory antennae (let's go outside) - müd remix

7 - endless space pattern dub 

8 - levitate 

Mastered at Panic Studios

© buried in time  2006-forever