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Proqxis - Parallax Utopia

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Debut album on Buried In Time from Proqxis - Parallax Utopia is gift of submerged melodies grainy textures and spiking glitch rhythms that sneak in and then out. Short snippets of ideas grab you then let you go and longer tracks are full of surprises, complex sound design and beats that come out of nowhere. If you're a fan of electronic music that rewards the listener over long periods of time then this is for you. But don't let the subtle layers of textures fool you... there is plenty to nod your head to.  Just have a listen to the tracks in full on Bandcamp. 

1 - light of dawn 

2 - junmai daiginjo 

3 - mutatis mutandis 

4 - amoeba dot leg  

5 - 042208v2  

6 - ffTdrupac 

7 - four square 

8 - shoosh  

9 - heat pill 

10 - observation still floating 

11 - tingeals (version) 

12 - second drop 

13 - br06 

14 - nom-nom  

15 - 8271  

16 - ectomy 

Mastered at Panic Studios

©Buried In Time

© buried in time  2006-forever