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V/A - Acid Offspring

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"Acid Offspring", Buried In Time's 4th release, is a project that came out of several jam sessions on vintage Roland gear with label mates Ignatius and [SiK].  The hours of material were narrowed down to several tracks that will see the light of day sometime. However, there was a lot of material that was good yet not quite a complete idea. This material was chopped up into a 200MB sample pack that was shared with 11 producers who all used those samples to come up with a track. The result touches on many genres and moods with in electronic music.. from hip hop head nodders to 4/4 bangers and psychedelic electro  to less accessible dense electronic mangling and processing.  The final tracks yield a surprising cohesiveness and flow that avoids cliches and yet is not endless wankery for its sake.  Artfully packaged in a standard digipack.    

1 - Rave Regentrification - Gasp

2 - Power Chair - SciFiSol

3 - Hatjail - Senor Frio

4 - Gigaslop - Databrokers (EVAC + b0t23)

5 - Mulchacid - ignatius

6 - Altered - Technicolor Yawn

7 - Eumetazoa - Let's Go Outside

8 - She Comes In Waves - Dampkrane

9 - Fried Acid Acid - Müd

10 - Spiral frank's Other Eye - [SiK]

If you'd like to have a go at a remix using the same files here's a zip file, containing all the sounds/loops etc in wav format. Just make sure you share with us whatever you come up with.


Mastered at Panic Studios

Artwork by  C.I.A.

© buried in time  2006-forever