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V/A - Buried In Time Compilation 

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A compilation that brings together forward thinking electronic jams that cling to a darker aesthetic while easily avoiding the cliches in modern music production.  The tracks range from the chunky hip hop tempo of Gasp's "eloper" remix to the frantic 140BPM of Ignatius'  remix of "Death To Amsterdam's Roxy'.  Several of the artists represented here have slowly but surely been poking their heads above the radar and have past and future releases on labels like Rocket Racer and Pnuma.   There are, of course, some quite savory new discoveries here as well. In the compacted basslines of [SiK]'s "Fabulous Disaster" and the playful funk melodies wrapped up in DSP'd synthesized beats of Dampkrane's  "squirrel and crow" you'll find all the promise and wonderful sound design that a discriminating listener expects. This release is one you will keep coming back to for its diverse sounds and styles that all melt together in a cohesive arrangement that feels like a product of the collective consciousness.  These 11 tracks from 8 artists will draw you in again and again to make your jaw drop, booty shake and head nod.

1 Eloper (Gasp Remix) - Ignatius Remixed

2 Target - Azmotronik

3 Gridpit - Ignatius 

4 Ansiedad de Piloto - BTK

5 Squirrel & Crow - Dampkrane

6 Kalimbamudd - Dampkrane

7 Last One in for Breakfast - Azmotronik

8 Death to Amsterdam's Roxy Remix - Ignatius

9 From Love's Tunnel - Dampkrane

10 Fabulous Disaster - [SiK]

11 Skein - Let's Go Outside vs Senor Frio

Mastered at Panic Studios

Artwork by RAUM

© buried in time  2006-forever