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Ignatius - Strays

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"Strays" consists of a collection of tracks that were never released or released in an unofficial and limited capacity. The tracks here either are one offs or just didn't fit with an album, EP release or are remixes for other artists. These tracks were written at various times over the last hand full of years.. some recently and some not so recently so expect a variety of moods, sounds, styles etc.

1 - Asparaguspiss 

2 - Nadaville

3 - Gempe*

4 - nrdmd7  

5 - #3 Adcbicycle (ignatius remix)**

6 - bient

7 - New Cities - Unrecognizable Now (ignatius Remix)*** 

8 - Scotchtown

*    all samples provided by Brian McCauley AKA Gasp

**  track appears courtesy of Adcbicycle

*** track appears courtesy of Unrecognizable Now


Mastered at Panic Studios

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